mercury 48:27

December 14, 2006

Triosiome Gnoissienne 3:34 grey winter december faded grass green three white birch trees a wood of wet grey maples buddha stone walls fog descending piles of leaves static windless wednesday quiet falling fingers a flurry prepared piano tinker Aphorisming Second 0:25 delicate love lost love letters lost in time Rhythme Bulgare 3:14 pools of water reverberate swimming in dreams remembering forgetting fading blurred colors of memories fainting awaken wings flutter the frost the icy cold freezing the ponds for lovers skating whimsy Aposiopesis 5:16 trickle of notes echo across the breadth of america radio waves television white noise no one listens to their hearts only butterflies dream of spring alight on the heart shaped petals of the lilac sleeping telephone lines streak the skies when i look up nothing is sacred but love itself truth faith fate flower into trust guide us home Gymnopadie No. 1 3:50 black hair falling into ringlets the neck-lace of life sweater jeans black boots hispanic orphan angel girl dreams of snowy winter breathing life deep into lungs free to fly and spirited bold sensual soft heavenly weaving spells with glimmering wings a swallow a brown butterfly a furry caterpillar a sleek black cat a song unsung a dream undreamt a poem unspoken aurora borealis octavia flies into a perfect sky Gymnopadie No. 2 3:13 a dream of love that ends in waking kisses there are deep soul eternal brown eyes velvet take me in and swallow me whole i give myself completely to you i don’t want to wake up i am in love drowning in love with being in love in this dream i plead with the wind be still. Gymnopadie No. 3 2:52 eisoptrophobia i sleep wake make love fly lay-supine curl swell swim mouth murmur maunder meld melt trace tread wallow swirl in you M2s Broken and Together 1:48 green tea cellphone telephone computer Mbox greek mythology gold thread Rilke’s Book of hours candles incense gold buddha bottle with stars lamp headphones cd’s pens pencils journal window Cinquieme Gnossienne 4:40 love loving marriage children divorce life life life living breathing dancing stepping in and out of time kissing embracing sacrifice time no time death slow fate fearless bold responsible sharing falling in love falling out of love waltzing movement static stillness chaos poetry music travel prague san bernadino minneapolis new orleans new york new hampshire india ireland scotland japan italy france germany home Premiere Gnossienne 4:13 december comes in warm the hands by the fire they will turn dry and tell your age but love has no age come december wear-me-in another year on my face take me south in my head wrap me in your frosty blanket mirror my heart with the full moon of another winter here in the north country try to break me i am winter Aphorisming, First 0:51 love where are you there in every face in every gesture i am still here lovers past looking Berceuse 2:04 dream me a night of lover’s play kisses that color the monochrome sky sprinkled like a shower of stars remind me of his tenderness Buciumeana 2:52 12 years gone the ashes buried at the foot of the old sugar maple the earth forgives our heavy footsteps now we are whispering into each other’s ears again ” i will always love you” no matter how far away you go this home is our burial ground Quatriome Gnossienne 2:34 astounded astonished gleaming spellbound starred and dreaming omniscient luminescent luscious gorgeous dreamy brown velvet alluring intriguing discordant beauty january flutter Aphorisming, Third 1:19 sine waves stretched across the atlantic will he love me when he sees me M2s M7s (Fragmented) [Microcosmos, 1926-1937] 1:34 dreams that recur history etched into our child’s heart we are alike wings streaking the open skies the south of america Pe Loc 1:17 songlines i sit here caught on a train east to west across the keys of a piano and a computer Saraband No. 2 2:51 i wonder who you are there in your world of sound waves ascending descending crashing into beautiful white noise a lover calling the 9 muses one by one they come to you mysterious ocean i could live here on this shore of wondering you with your white curtains and dazzling sunlight.

dies Mercurii

running time 48:27


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