A Broken Habit

July 7, 2010

he became a habit i couldn’t shake
like a junky, each day I wanted more

aquietnight and fourdayssilence

without a word he was gone,
leaving a trail of songs in his wake.


3 Responses to “A Broken Habit”

  1. Pifou said

    rare appearance on your blog. Seems you make the choice of silent.

    a…quiet life, the sweet hippy blood of a little girl in her elephant box, returning to seed, by the water, with a flutter and some words.

    There is no doubt : heaven must be here.


  2. Aria said

    Hello Beautiful,
    you have been lost to me for many years…find me

  3. Ah … funny I should find this now. I just had a man in my life … briefly, sweetly, deliciously, that consumed my thoughts, my being, my soul. He fed my spirit, he lifted me to heights I had never been to and opened me to things I had chosen to keep hidden, even from myself. I wanted more, always more. But he wasn’t good for me. Now he is gone.

    Delicious to find that I’m not the only one who allows her heart to be caught up, consumed … hopefully to emerge intact and renewed. I call that passion. You have plenty. 🙂

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