A snow Day

January 12, 2011

It has been weeks since I have had even a minute to sit here at my desk in my studio with the ten windows. It takes a snow storm to bring everything to a grinding halt and allow me the space and time to stop long enough to find myself here. I suppose it takes a bit of inspiration as well and snowy days always bring me home. This is where I always want to be but, the days slip away and before I know it weeks have passed with no time carved out for dreaming and writing.

As the wind whips against the old cape, she flexes her muscles and stands firm as she has done so for 263 winters, the old bones creaking and popping. We are safe from the storm within her walls, but is impossible on a day like today to keep the wind from finding it’s way into the tiniest of cracks, so we huddle by the stoves and wear hats and scarves indoors.

The plow trucks have been busy clearing the main roads but we will not be plowed out until the storm calms. Today we were meant to shoot the video for Escapology in a warehouse in the next town over but everything is being rescheduled for tomorrow. While we wait for the storm to pass,  Marzio settles into his room to watch a film called, ‘The Rat Catcher’, Marco crafts a beat for a new song, Lola sleeps by my feet, dreaming her doggy dreams, Ziggy naps by the wood stove as yours truly sits here putting the moment into words. It’s a snow day, a dream day, a sleepy day here in snow country.


2 Responses to “A snow Day”

  1. Snowman said

    That was beautiful. your eyes look different, they are glowing. If you are in love that’s so great! 😀

  2. Pifou said

    Summer is approaching, and suddenly I ask to myself : where is SHE ?
    Instantly, I’m going near my “cdthèque” (in french) and I take a flutter and some words. There is no peace in the place I live, but Ingrid’s voice comes to restore the peace during the time I’m listening.
    Hope you will put another post on your blog, even You (like me, I suppose) got preference for trees, water, and stones without ages, in the middle of your 99 lives.

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