.birth January 21 6:50 AM New Mexico …Ingrid… 1970 Georgia muscadines red earth mustangs roller skates mud pies …Remembering Julia… 1984 Tinondre …Little Mama… 1985 Minneapolis snow subzero Dexter + Gertrude Prince Spirit Child ‘LoveSexy’ 21 Poems …Poetry in December… 1989 Skyfish Richard Werbowenko Uptown tangerine clouds dandelions …Volcano Days… 1991 Nicollet Ave. ‘May 19, 1992’ Paisley Park Minnetonka ‘Graffiti Bridge’ Aura Lenny Kravitz Madonna ‘Justify My Love’ …Snowblind… 1992 David Sylvian Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Heartbeat’ Ameera ‘Little Girls With 99 Lives’ …Deliver me… 1995 Amma Ova Tommy Roberts Josh Holland …Starred and Dreaming… 1997 Sonoma Isobel sun rain camel colored Hills redwood trees ‘Time Spent’ …love lost… 2000 Temple back Roads birchwood trees and sugar maples snowstorms ice storms thunderstorms …falling from a great height… 2007 Recording Italy Lorenzo Scopellitii Alessandro Mazzitelli …The flutter of wings… 2009 Spring ‘A Flutter And Some Words’ rebirth. 2010 Marco Valentin 2014 Black Eskimo


2 Responses to “biography”

  1. delevine said

    seven years between falling from a great hight and rebirth …

  2. gaouaoui mohamed said

    I really like the style of your biography, words, dates, names with no sentences…like milestones…cool.

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