January 21 6:50 AM New Mexico Ingrid Julia Chavez -1970 Georgia muscadines red earth mustangs roller skates mud pies -1984 Tinondre Steve Snow -1985 Minneapolis snow subzero -1988 Dexter + Gertrude Prince Spirit Child ‘LoveSexy’ 21 Poems Poetry in December -1989 Skyfish Richard Werbowenko Uptown tangerine clouds dandelions Volcano Days -1991 Nicollet Ave. ‘May 19, 1992’ Paisley Park Minnetonka ‘Graffiti Bridge’ Aura Lenny Kravitz Madonna ‘Justify My Love’ Paris -1992 David Sylvian Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Heartbeat’ Ameera ‘Little Girls With 99 Lives’ Deliver me… 1995 Amma Ova Tommy Roberts Josh Holland Starred and Dreaming -1997 Sonoma Isobel sun rain camel colored Hills redwood trees ‘Time Spent’ love lost -2000 Temple back Roads birchwood trees and sugar maples snowstorms ice storms thunderstorms falling from a great height -2007 Italy Lorenzo Scopellitii Alessandro Mazzitelli The flutter of wings -2009 Spring ‘A Flutter And Some Words’ rebirth -2010 Marco Valentin Temple Love Bass and Beats -2014 Black Eskimo Deep and Heady -2018 Undone.


2 Responses to “biography”

  1. delevine said

    seven years between falling from a great hight and rebirth …

  2. gaouaoui mohamed said

    I really like the style of your biography, words, dates, names with no sentences…like milestones…cool.

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